Give your brand a strategic presence on Apple Messages platform with custom stickers and emojis

Features & Pricing

Stickers and Emojis for Apple Messages™

We design and develop custom stickers and emojis for Apple Messages™ platform

Apple Messages™

One of the most popular messaging platforms

Static stickers

Stickers and emojis enrich our expressions

Animated Stickers

Animated stickers add more vibrance to our expressions

Premium graphics

High quality graphics make stickers and emojis stand out

Package Prices

20 static stickers $2,000

15 static + 5 animated stickers $2,300

10 static + 10 animated stickers $2,500

5 static + 15 animated stickers $2,850

20 animated stickers $3,000

Additional stickers $175 per animated sticker $100 per static sticker

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